The Wonderbra is Dead!

The Wonderbra is dead. The va-va-voom in your face cleavage enhancer is no more. If you see a bra at the side of the road or hanging on a fence, it is probably a Wonderbra that has gone feral and ended up as roadkill. The Wonderbra. Died. Australia. 2003. Age 34 years.

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Alyss in Wonderland

The children’s literary classic, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, has been given a makeover. In a rather frightening marriage of Hollywood hype and macho bravado former stunt man Frank Beddor has rewritten the Lewis Carroll classic to make it more appealing to boys. Frank does know something about the gross-out art of making stories appeal to boys. He was co-producer of the blockbuster movie There’s Something about Mary.

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