Pop Picks

Here are some of Kerry Cue’s most popular pieces:

Classic Cue:  The Agonising Search for a Swim Suit

Power to the People or Maybe Not

The Society for the Promotion of Fluff-Free Lucid English

Labels are used to gag people

The Joy of Colourful Families

Snip, Snip for the Longer Trip

Where do cyber soldiers go when they die?

There are an awful lot of idiots out there

Sometimes it’s the class clown who performs well in life

Winter Winds Bring Out One Thing: Man Flu

Australia Day: My Address to the Nation

Hen’s Behaving Badly

Holy App

Cricket Explained

Welcome to Bugga Up Flight 179

Yummy Mummy


Secret Agent: Fat Wombat

Loony Science

Have they run out of car names?

Are Engineers Sexy?

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