The Spiel

 Kerry Cue Humour PicKerry Cue is on a mission to destroy clichéd thinking wherever it exists before it spreads and turns us all into boring little robotic clones incapable of thinking for ourselves.

From the workplace to sports fields to schools to shopping malls and in the home – think parenting and dieting – behaviour has become codified. We are constantly being told by experts, the media and/or the government what to say, think or do. We are in danger of becoming pre-programmed peoplebots.


Worser Homes & Gardens coverWhen you break free of rigid, clichéd thinking you can approach work, love and life with more imagination. But the irony of living in the era of formulaic thinking is that you will be told time and again to think outside the box while they are hammering down the lid. You cannot work or function on any level when you feel as if you are suffocating.

Kerry Cue travels around Australia enlivening audiences with her humorous and insightful take on life. She uses humour like a crowbar to break you free of the rigid restraints of stereotype thinking. Laughing oxygenates the brain; that’s a good start. But humour gives you a new perspective on work, love and life. Moreover if you can laugh at your own foibles you can leap barriers and reinvent yourself, if you so choose, or simply relish the renewed energy and enthusiasm such freedom brings.

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2 thoughts on “The Spiel

  1. Are you sure you are still writing for the Canberra Times ? I haven’t seen a column since they went semi-tabloid AND I MISS THEM ..

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