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Coffee Menu in an Age of Insanity


MY GENERATION: Talkin’ ’bout, um, what? THE WHO PARODY

With a little help from not necessarily sober friends here is our parody of THE WHO’s era-defining hit song of the sixties My Generation.

For those still standing: MY GENERATION: Talkin’ ’bout, um, what? THE WHO PARODY

All we are saying is give PILLS a chance … a parody for survivors


I got together with some friends to produce this parody of the 1969 John Lennon song with the Yoko Ono Band: All We are Saying is give PEACE a chance. 

Those of us you survived the next 50 years have a different view. From the Psycho Oh No! Band:

We’ve Got to Talk … about having Real Conversations

This Writer’s Life: The word of the day is SYNERGY.

Our book, The Sunday Story Club, which advocates deeper connections through face-to-face conversations, was found at the Melbourne Airport bookshop next to Maybe You Should Talk to Someone. (Below)

I’d call the synergy. The later book is a memoir of a therapist.




An Infernal Fan Girl’s Heaven and other Joys of Online Life

For a writer of my generation, it comes as a surprise how important online reviews are to the success of a book.

So glad to read The Infernal Fang Girl’s Heaven review on INSTAGRAM (@theinfernalfangirlsheaven) and on her blog. It was such a thoughtful and considered review. (Below)




You are defined by your stories. But how you tell those stories makes all the difference.

Sick of chitchat, we started our Sunday Story Club to encourage a deeper conversation. The results were so uplifting and moving we wanted to share both some of the stories and also how to run your own story salon so others can experience this magic too.

Now a 5 STAR review on Amazon shows authentic stories – not the curated FACEBOOK versions – are both moving and inspiring. These stories connect us beyond stereotypes.