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    • Hello Angela,

      No audio books I’m afraid. Your options are onlline or e-mail me for the latest book in hardcopy at the e-mail address above.
      Cheers and Happy Christmas KC

  1. Hello Kerry Cue, I wonder if you are the amazing person I met in my teens as a schoolboy in a Catholic secondary college in East Brunswick. A very pretty lady of your name taught Chemistry to our class and she would not have been significantly senior in age to us at 18. Is it possible that you are the very same person?

    • Hello Frank, Yes! I did indeed teach Chemistry and Maths at St Jospeh’s North Fitzroy back, Oh!, a 100,000 years ago. I do see the boys from time to time at reunions. I think they want me to turn up so that they can feel happy that one of their teachers is still standing. I was, in fact, 20 years old. I started Uni at 16 so I’d finished 4 years Sci/Engioneering when I taught at St Jo’s. Great times and memories. Hope you’re well. Cheers Your (Old!) teacher KC

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