Grown Men in Bunny Suits? There’s no danger stranger than that!

When I was teaching myself to use Youtube, I put this ‘ironic’ Power Point video together for my own entertainment, really.  It is, 4 years later, still very  weird!!!!! I was exploring our passion for all things FAKE at the time. I didn’t realise FAKE NEWS was about to shape the future of the world.


Make Your Own Surreal Trump Art

The US elections are so bizarre, so surreal, when watching one news bulletin or another you cannot help looking around for the melting clocks. What can you do? Turn the elections into Surreal Art. Here are some examples of Surreal Trump.

kc-surreal-trump-1kc-surreal-trump-2kc-surreal-trump-3kc-surreal-trump-4Now you too can make your own Surreal Trump or Surreal Hillary Art or, even, a Surreal Selfie. Just grab your favourite picture of your least favourite politician and follow the instructions here.

Form Guide Poetry

FORM GUIDE POETRY HEADER8am. Saturday. Bored while waiting for the kettle to boil, I pick up The Age Form Guide. Words leap out of the page and hammer my eyeballs. This is gold. Pure gold. I wonder if I could write a story using HORSES’ NAMES from the 10 races scheduled at one race meeting? And here it is: EPIC SAGA* in the new poetic style – Form Guide Poetry.

*See actual form guide below.

Form guide The Age header

EPIC SAGA  I & II kerry Cue


Form guide Caulfield

Form Guide Caulfield 2