Is nothing sacred?

Screen Grab from the Bureau of Meteorology

Screen Grab from the Bureau of Meteorology

Though April showers

May come your way,

They bring the flowers

That bloom in May;

And if it’s raining,

Have no regrets;

Because, it isn’t raining rain, you know,

It’s raining Violet … Crumbles.

And when you see clouds

Upon the hill,

You soon will see crowds

Of Ryobi drills;

So keep on looking for that bluebird,

That tweets the Twitter song,

Whenever April showers come along.

With apologies to Al Jolson.

Today’s column must start with the oft-repeated cri de coeur ”is nothing sacred?”

The Canberra Times, 1 May 2013. Read more: Is nothing sacred?


 6000BC: Beer invented. Knuckle walking returns. Evolution set back centuries.

3000BC: Babylon sacked. 1st spin. Not sacked. Downsized.

2600BC: Great Pyramid built at Giza. Cheap group tours begin.

 2200BC: Stonehenge. 1st large scale DIY garden feature.

2000BC: Horse domesticated. 1st bet. 1st horse nobbled. (See 6000BC above)

1334BC: Tutankhamen made Pharaoh. Royal inbreeding program starts.

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The Wonderbra is Dead!

The Wonderbra is dead. The va-va-voom in your face cleavage enhancer is no more. If you see a bra at the side of the road or hanging on a fence, it is probably a Wonderbra that has gone feral and ended up as roadkill. The Wonderbra. Died. Australia. 2003. Age 34 years.

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Alyss in Wonderland

The children’s literary classic, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, has been given a makeover. In a rather frightening marriage of Hollywood hype and macho bravado former stunt man Frank Beddor has rewritten the Lewis Carroll classic to make it more appealing to boys. Frank does know something about the gross-out art of making stories appeal to boys. He was co-producer of the blockbuster movie There’s Something about Mary.

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