6000BC: Beer invented. Knuckle walking returns. Evolution set back centuries.

3000BC: Babylon sacked. 1st spin. Not sacked. Downsized.

2600BC: Great Pyramid built at Giza. Cheap group tours begin.

 2200BC: Stonehenge. 1st large scale DIY garden feature.

2000BC: Horse domesticated. 1st bet. 1st horse nobbled. (See 6000BC above)

1334BC: Tutankhamen made Pharaoh. Royal inbreeding program starts.

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The Wonderbra is Dead!

The Wonderbra is dead. The va-va-voom in your face cleavage enhancer is no more. If you see a bra at the side of the road or hanging on a fence, it is probably a Wonderbra that has gone feral and ended up as roadkill. The Wonderbra. Died. Australia. 2003. Age 34 years.

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Workaholics Go Bananas!

Scientists would have to be the world’s most accomplished spin-doctors. They’ve been at it for years. Every time scientists make a discovery it will, they claim, bring great benefits to all mankind. They have delivered on some fronts. But I can remember when they put men on the moon. We were told one day we’d all be holidaying on the moon and chipping golf balls into craters. The only benefits of space research I can immediately recall are freeze-dried ice cream and edible toothpaste. And no one can tell which is which.Full Article:Workaholic Monkeys

Are Engineers Sexy?

It has been ordained by the gods of television that all jobs and/or careers shall be seen now and again in a positive light on TV. Doctors, cops, lawyers, nurses and even vets enjoy their moments of digital glory. Chefs, landscape gardeners, carpenters and even real estate agents are now pin-up boys. The girls in these shows are hot. Any girl who can look good and knock up a coffee table that a bloke can plonk his feet on has to be a babe.

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