Odd Bed Fellows: Jeremy Clarkson, Shane Warne & a horse

THIS WRITER’S LIFE: It is always amusing to see the company you keep on the bookshop shelf. Here we are this time with Shane Warne, Tim Costello, Jeremy Clarkson & Makybe Diva, a horse! The Sunday Story Club, Melb Airport.




This Writer’s Life: Why does your own voice sound so weird?

This Writer’s Life: Very exciting to receive The Sunday Story Club audiobook CD in the post. To hear the fabulous actresses read the stories is both joyful and heart-wrenching. Here is a short sample.


I also recorded a chapter. But why do we find our own voices so strange? My voice always sounds different from what I imagine.



THIS WRITER’S LIFE: Inspiration or Prison?

Reading is essential for a writer.

Who wouldn’t want to write like Dickens or Hemingway or Tolstoy?

Yet from this desire, we create our own chains. Build our own prison.

A writer must kill their literary icons to free their own voice. 

Kerry Cue is a humorist, journalist, mathematician, and author. Her latest book is a crime novel, Target 91, Penmore Press, Tucson, AZ (2019).


This Writer’s Life: Starting Out

When I first announced that I wanted to write 30+ years ago my friends laughed. ‘You can’t even spell’ said one. In these small ways, we are pressured to limit ourselves. Don’t listen. After 20 books I can say that I now misspell a much higher class of word.

10 things authors should NOT do by someone who did them all

No. 10

I’ve been a professional writer for 30+ years. I have 2 books coming out soon. A satirical novel on American Gun Culture, TARGET 91, to be published 2018. And a non-fiction with Doris Brett next year by a local mainstream publisher. Just some thoughts for younger writers apart from KEEP WRITING!