What happened to meaningful conversations? Can we even remember how to do it?

My co-author, Doris Brett & I, were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm for The Sunday Story Club at The Happiness & It’s Causes Conference in Sydney a few weeks ago.

 THE SUNDAY STORY CLUB (PanMac) shows how to ask questions that open up a conversation. The conference delegates that bought a book said they would use these questions to facilitate better conversations in aged-care, youth groups, and the workplace.




The BOOK CLUB without BOOKS. Stories of love, loss, trauma & resilience

Our audiobook has just been released. It is a bit spooky hearing your own voice. You can listen to my co-author Doris Brett reading from the introduction (click below the pic).


How You become the Stories You tell Yourself

The stories you tell yourself define you. But are they accurate? Could there be another version?

In The Sunday Story Club, we ask questions that sidestep the prepared narratives participants often use to explain their life experiences to themselves and others. In this way, you learn something new about yourself. You can find out how to run your own salon in the book.




You are not a sad face emoji!

We talk. We text. We email. We might even Tweet and post on Facebook and Instagram. But too often we are just skimming the surface of our lives.

There are many benefits to spending time reflecting on your life through a deeper conversation.

Here is our interview with Cassie McCullagh, ABC Sydney, about our book The Sunday Story Club.

We would love others to engage in a deeper conversation by running their own story clubs.





The Stories Inside Us

When my co-author, Doris and I, ran our first salon, 12 women who had not met before sat in Doris’s lounge room looking at one another. We wondered if strangers would talk. Well, they do with the right questions. Not only strangers but also long term friends have been amazed to hear stories told by someone so close to them that they have never heard before.

We wanted to share the astounding experience of the salon so we wrote THE SUNDAY STORY CLUB so others can discover this magic running their own salon.





The Antidote to FAKE online Personas

My co-author Doris Brett & I were overwhelmed with the enthusiasm for our book THE SUNDAY STORY CLUB (PanMac), @The Happiness Conference in Sydney on Mon. There seems to be a hunger out there for open and honest conversations. This is one theme of the book, which we wrote as an antidote to all those FAKE online personas. (Yes! Irony alert! I’m online here.)

Not only do we share stories from our salon, we also encourage and show you how to run your own salon to benefit from deeper connections with others.





THIS WRITER’S LIFE: Euphemisms for fun and profit!

A friend bought her granddaughter a NETFLIX AND CHILL cushion for her Birthday. The hilarious response to the gift was how my friend found out that NETFLIX AND CHILL had an entirely different meaning for millennials.

So watch those EUPHEMISMS. They can be soooooo embarrassing and hilarious. If you are not familiar with this euphemism consult Dr. Google.

Kerry Cue is a humorist, journalist, mathematician, and author. Her latest book is a crime novel, Target 91, Penmore Press, Tucson, AZ (2019).


This Writer’s Life: Starting Out

When I first announced that I wanted to write 30+ years ago my friends laughed. ‘You can’t even spell’ said one. In these small ways, we are pressured to limit ourselves. Don’t listen. After 20 books I can say that I now misspell a much higher class of word.

Stuck in a Fog of Negativity? You must meet Taku.

Surround yourself with positive people. Keep away from the ENERGY VAMPIRES who suck the energy out of you. No references needed. Just Google Negative People Instagram or Pinterest. You will have heard these mantras often enough.

The problem is you can be stuck in a fog of negativity without realising it. The fog is just there. Try aging, for starters. Nearly every conversation begins with a litany of health woes. So much so, I try to instigate a friend’s idea. We call it Renata’s Rule: ’10 minutes on health issues then move on.’

It has been a great joy to me to connect up with Taku Mbudzi. Taku emanates a radiant field of positive energy. Funny,  enthusiastic, inspiring. Taku is  a  skilled  writer, broadcaster  (She has appeared on The Project with Charlie Pickering),  podcaster  (See below)  and public speaker. More  importantly, to meet Taku is equivalent  to  popping  a ‘positive  vibe  pill’  if such a thing existed. Taku  is  young, energetic and funny, and I’m sure many students would benefit from being exposed to Taku’s positive force field. You can find out more about Taku here.

I have been  delighted  to  be  involved  with  Taku’s  podcasts  talking  about  ways  to tackle professional writing. In the first podcast we looked at writing newspaper articles. The second podcast involved getting a book published.

Being  interviewed  by  Taku  reminded me of one of my own vital traits. My younger self was undaunted by  the  challenge  of becoming  a  professional  writer,  simply  because I was so optimistic. Rejections – I could wallpaper my house with rejection slips – just bounced off me. Timing and luck played their part. But I just kept at it until I found my niche.

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