You are not a sad face emoji!

We talk. We text. We email. We might even Tweet and post on Facebook and Instagram. But too often we are just skimming the surface of our lives.

There are many benefits to spending time reflecting on your life through a deeper conversation.

Here is our interview with Cassie McCullagh, ABC Sydney, about our book The Sunday Story Club.

We would love others to engage in a deeper conversation by running their own story clubs.





Stepping outside the Narrative YOU use to explain YOUR LIFE

THIS WRITER’S LIFE:  Co-author Doris & I outside the ABC studios Melb. Great interview with Cassie McCullagh, Sydney.

We had time explain that The Sunday Story Club uses quirky questions to step outside the prepared narratives you often use to explain your life experiences. In this way, we learn about ourselves and others. These questions are intriguing to all ages.




The Rules of BACKYARD CRICKET? Make Them Up as You Go

Shock! Horror! Outrage!
The NSW Australia Day Council is threatening to publish the Rules of BACKYARD CRICKET on Australia Day, 2018. (Go to: Backyard cricket battle over call for same rules for all, Emily Ritchie, The Australian, 13 JAN, 2018.)

There are no rules. That’s the point.

I wrote a LETTER TO ALLAN BORDER in 1988. This comic story about the crazy make-them-up-as-you-go rules of Backyard Cricket was published in The Age, SMH etc.

Ian (Macca) McNamara read out the letter on Australia All Over, ABC.

LISTEN to Macca read: A LETTER TO ALLAN BORDER (above)