Father’s Day Quote 1

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Father’s Day Quote 2

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Pic from The Noob Dad Blog : 20 Classic Dad Photos

A Tribute to Fathers

Fatherhood is a complex job. These days a father is meant to be a psychologist, a literacy and numeracy expert, the birth support team leader, the weekend fun guy, the custodian of sports team allegiances, DIY almost-everything handy man, the kid-money accountant, the Human Google Service, the local CSI unit (Who ate the last chocolate?), the Lost Computer File Recovery Unit, the Home Theatre hardware expert, the back of the toy box instruction reader, the All-Sports Sports coach, the driving instructor, the First Aide Expert, the mum calmer, the resident surf life saver, the 24/7 On-Call Homework tutor, the BBQ King, the referee, the Stop Whinging Enforcer, the gopher (especially of medicine in the middle of the night), the Piggyback Guy, the camp guru, the resident furniture mover/removalist, the all round navigator/driver, the Cheer Up Squad after the Grand Final/Audition/Competition loss/failure, the (swear word free-ish) IKEA flat pack assembler, the cycle team transport/manager, the local faction of WWF, the second hand car expert and/or financier and much, much more.