Yummy Mummy Birth Shock: OMG! Help! Someone! Anyone! Quick Photoshop My Baby

pregnancy cocktail sky sunquote 1It is not enough that the pregnancy generates a nine month state of public hysteria or that the mum-to-be looks for the entire duration like a slim, tanned sex goddess with exposed baby-pod-belly or that she only eats organic mountain-grown root vegetables and plays Baby Mozart tracks to the baby bump, today a mum-to-be must also look ‘hot’ in the birth video and ‘paparazzi’ pics.

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This is an Edited Extract from MeLand: 10 Ways Self-Obsession Makes You Stupid, by Kerry Cue, Connor Court, $24.95, 2013

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Yummy Mummy

Having a baby can be a stressful time, but the pressure on pregnant women today is ridiculous. It is more or less expected that a girl will have a perfect orgasm followed by a perfect pregnancy and a perfect birth to produce the perfect child. As if that is not enough of a burden, now a girl must also look drop dead gorgeous while she is doing it. This is the era of the totally glam mum known as the yummy mummy.

Previous generations of Aussie women were not expected to be sexy, pert and pouting when pregnant. Back, way back in the fifties and sixties, my mother’s generation of young Aussie women had their problems. Their only career options were housewife and mother. But in there were comfort zones built into the womanhood package.

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