Yummy Mummy Birth Shock: OMG! Help! Someone! Anyone! Quick Photoshop My Baby

pregnancy cocktail sky sunquote 1It is not enough that the pregnancy generates a nine month state of public hysteria or that the mum-to-be looks for the entire duration like a slim, tanned sex goddess with exposed baby-pod-belly or that she only eats organic mountain-grown root vegetables and plays Baby Mozart tracks to the baby bump, today a mum-to-be must also look ‘hot’ in the birth video and ‘paparazzi’ pics.

…………………………………………….quote 2


This is an Edited Extract from MeLand: 10 Ways Self-Obsession Makes You Stupid, by Kerry Cue, Connor Court, $24.95, 2013

Picture 1Read more @ the real and wonderful The Mum’s Group blog run by busy mum of two Erin Giansiracusa based in Melbourne, Vic.

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