Cricket Explained

Cricket tends to cause great confusion among novice spectators, recovering alcoholics and Americans. It is, after all, a game where grown men stand around for days looking bored with no balls or madly hug and kiss each other following a duck. As a consequence, I have taken it upon myself to explain cricket to those who wouldn’t know a gibbon from a googly.

I wrote this article in 2010. More on FACEBOOK.


Make Your Own Surreal Trump Art

The US elections are so bizarre, so surreal, when watching one news bulletin or another you cannot help looking around for the melting clocks. What can you do? Turn the elections into Surreal Art. Here are some examples of Surreal Trump.

kc-surreal-trump-1kc-surreal-trump-2kc-surreal-trump-3kc-surreal-trump-4Now you too can make your own Surreal Trump or Surreal Hillary Art or, even, a Surreal Selfie. Just grab your favourite picture of your least favourite politician and follow the instructions here.

Orlando, Fl, 2016

While doing reasearch for a novel on American Gun Culture I discovered that following the Dunblane School mass-shooting in Scotalnd in 1996 (16 children and 1 teacher killed) the UK banned handguns totally. Following the Port Arthur mass-shooting in 1996 (35 killed) Australia banned all automatic and equivalent rifles and pump action shot guns.

Twenty years later, I wonder, ‘how does the 2nd Amendment protect Amercians?’ I pay tribute to all Americans who, tragically, have become victims of their own their constitution.

Orlando, Fl, 2016