My satirical Novel about American Gun Culture

My satirical novel, TARGET 91, about American Gun Culture is being published in the USA by Penmore Press later this year. It is tragic I am writing this just after the news of another school mass shooting in the USA. The book based around the issue of assault rifles.

As an Aussie author of 20 books, I still had to work out how to introduce myself to an American audience. Here is my bio blurb introduction for the new book. More here.

And here are some pics of The Andy Griffith Show (1960 – 1968). It was a sitcom with heart about a widowed sheriff, his small son and a dumb deputy. I grew up in a household that was the The Andy Griffith Show times 5 (there were 5 kids)  on crack cocaine. Not that we took drugs. But my family was crazy enough without chemical intervention. I did write 3 best selling books about growing up on a small police station in rural Australia.