Welcome to Hollyweird

hollyweirdThis is a summer piece with a twist. Rather than review the holiday film schlock, I’m going to describe three films I’d like to see. They’re of the Hollywood blockbuster ilk, with an ethical dilemma at the core raising questions such as, ”is it ethical to force males or females to take hormones for the survival of the species?”, ”if the Pope gained office by corruption, is he still infallible?” and ”is it morally acceptable to kill to stop others killing?” Here are the film plots:

Darwin’s Dead
In this action thriller, the latest N1H17 virus has a strange impact on humanity. It reboots junk DNA in the human foetus. Women start giving birth to stocky, thick-browed hairy babies, then to long-limbed ape-like creatures. Finally a woman gives birth to an Axolotl-like air-breathing fish. Panic erupts.

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