THIS WRITER’S LIFE: OMG! I’m Gonna Die from Sitting-on-My-Butt Disease!

In an article titled Health experts have figured out how much time you should sit each day‘ in the Washinton Post (Brigid Schulte, 2 JUN, 2015), which prompted the standing-desk fad,  Health experts warned that prolonged sitting on your butt is ‘associated with a significantly higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and depression, as well as muscle and joint problems.’

These conclusions are based on at least one study in the BJM   where ‘Reduced sitting time was associated with telomere lengthening in blood cells in sedentary, overweight 68-year-old individuals participating in a 6-month physical activity intervention trial’. This is better than rats. 

But looking at telomere lengths in overweight 68-year-olds is a severely limited study and sample size. Draw your own conclusions.

Kerry Cue is a humorist, journalist, mathematician, and author. Her latest book is a crime novel, Target 91, Penmore Press, Tucson, AZ (2019)