Why is BE and LET BE parenting so hard today!

Parents get a lot of information from other parents. Those parents, however, who believe their STYLE of parenting is the ONLY style, tend to lecture others. In other words, parenting is competitive these days. My co-author Doris Brett and I had a wonderful conversation about non-competitive conversations with Shevonne Hunt on her FEED PLAY LOVE podcast when we were in Sydney recently.

The podcast topics show a huge range of things parents worry about today. Whereas for me, I was lucky. My mum just made parenting look like a lot of fun. So my style of parenting was mostly, I guess, Bumbling Through.

My 5 Raunchy (and Hilarious) Rules for Writing an O-O-OMG Sex Scene!

THIS WRITER’S LIFE: So I was writing my novel. TARGET 91,  when 2 of my characters were up for it!

What the hell!!!!

You will find my 5 Raunchy (and hilarious) Rules for Writing an O-O-OMG Sex Scene here.

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