There Are an Awful Lot of Idiots Out There

Idiots Article-20120925182037598141-620x349Sorry. This hasn’t been planned. I haven’t even thought about it much and, to be honest, I’m quite busy. But the time has come. I can no longer ignore the situation so, with reluctance, I have decided to take on the job of Ruler of the World or, to use my exact title, O Revered Great One, Ruler of the Earth, All Its Dominions, Territories and Subjects, All Its Mountain Ranges, Verdant Lands, Icescapes and Savannas, All oceans, Lakes and Rivers and Fishes of the Seas, All Animals of the Land, Birds of the Sky, and Creepy Crawly Icky Things and Any Other Living or Non-Living Thing Herein Not Specified.

Children. Children. What is to be done? Firstly, any of you currently active in squabbles about YouTube clips and insults to your religion or demands to behead the infidels, pay attention. And, any of you protesting to uphold freedom of speech or currently engaged in acts of drone-warfare against goat herders, please take note. If you believe in one God – of any persuasion – then you must realise, no matter which way you look at this situation, when God in his infinite wisdom made the world, he also made idiots. It may have been an oversight, but there they are.

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