New Ways to Die: The Snuffie

The world is my ant farm. Human behaviour fascinates me in all shades of crazy. So the advent of the SELFIE continues to intrigue. Are we more self-obsessed now? Or do we simply have access to the technology to indulge our self-obsessions? Ancient selfie Or are we becoming more stupid? The Guardian, UK, recently ran an article about DEATH BY SELFIE. People do unbelievably stupid things to capture a look-at-me snap such as:

  • get up close and friendly with bears, bison and tigers!!!
  • perch teetering on cliffs
  • photograph themselves running in front of charging bulls
  • and shooting themselves in the head taking that GANSTA pic.

old man and the selfie 2 Since the SELFIE is a word invented to describe a new behaviour, I think we need to invent another new word to describe DEATH BY SELFIE. I suggest THE SNUFFIE. Will it catch on? I hope not. Snuffie

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