What Next for the Whatever Generations?

Illustration: Caroline Adaszynski

Illustration: Caroline Adaszynski

Today we’re going to have a little lesson in ethics. The problem with ethical choices today is that there are so many shades of grey we get lost in the fog. This is especially true of the generations dubbed Gen-X and Gen-Y. These generations were born into an era when our culture was diversifying – hallelujah! Pass the spicy chicken laska – to include gay, lesbian, feminist, indigenous, ethnic, religious, disabled and other rights and when conservative community values were poleaxed by political activism, the sex, drugs and rock’n’roll culture, mass media and mass marketing. Any adult under, say, 50 years of age, whether they like it or not, belongs to Gen-X or Gen-Y. I prefer to call them the Whatever Generations because, faced with a simple ”Do you want Maccas or pizza?” or even complex ethical choices, they shrug their shoulders and say, ”whatever”!

Read more @ The Canberra Times 27 MAR 2013: What Next for the Whatever Generations?

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