Guy Fawkes: O What a Night!

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Why would children do this? There’s no simple answer. Nevertheless, most children today have no chance to ‘play’ with fire other than with devastating results.

But Remember, Remember the 5th of November? Once we had Cracker Night. It was banned over 40 years ago in Australia. Yet the singed hair and  burnt fingertips cured the dancing-flame-fascinations of many a young pyromaniac. 

My article on Cracker Night ends:

Kerry Cue Ratbag RelationsEvery time we try to make our children’s’ lives safer, we seem to create a duller world for them. Nothing, I believe, lights up young faces like the dancing sparks of fireworks. They put magic in the air. Children will never get the same glow from a TV screen, but they are safe, I guess.

Full article from Herald Sun and other publications:Guy Fawkes O What a Night

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