I Werewolf (and a touch of Cocker Spaniel)

4 cockerspaniel_passportThere is a rule that any official identification photograph taken of you shall be snapped at the very moment you appear, officially, to look like a shifty-eyed, drug-addled whacko. Ditto most passport photos, work IDs and driving license pics. Why doesn’t it worry employers that their in-house work IDs suggest their staff should be on the methadone program.

In my passport photo I look like Australia’s Most Wanted Werewolf Crack-Addict. But I am not the only travelling Werewolf in the world. My favourite story from the Evening Mail in Scotland told of journalist John Louvet, who was stopped by Police at the Austrian border. He admitted that he had been travelling through Europe with a snap of his neighbour’s cocker spaniel ‘Chummy’ as his passport photograph.

A police spokesman said ‘It was a very good likeness.’

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