The Process Kills the Purpose

kerry_cue03-1 CropThink about lists. If you’re a to-do list writer this article may be a little scary. If you are not a writer-of-lists you should build an underground security bunker, get in supplies including torch batteries, bottled water and blankets while being careful to avoid writing a list, and prepare for the apocalypse – for the future looks grim indeed.

I’ve been watching a lecture by psychologist Barry Schwartz in the TED lecture series on the lunacy of lists. His lecture was actually called ”Barry Swartz on Our Loss of Wisdom”. One of the consequences of left-brain thinking dominating our culture is our passion for lists. If you doubt the domination of left-brain thinking in our culture I refer you to the work of psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist.

Read more in The Canberra Times, 28 Mar 2012: The Process Kills the Purpose

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