Love in the Age of Txt Mss

Kerry Cue CARTOONFaster. Faster. Quick. Quick. Click. Do it. We live in a high-speed click-on click-off culture where little time is dedicated to thinking things through and a great deal of time is spent making snap decisions and,  as I suspect when flicking through the free to air TV channels mumbling ‘Not that one. Not that one. Nup. Maybe. Nah’, we also dedicate a lot of time to trivial indecision. It seems that we are often faced today with too much choice yet, paradoxically, too little of what we actually want.

Needless to say, romance, love and commitment are duly processed by the culture into a series of quick click decisions. There is speed dating, sex texting (or sexting), instant text dumping (Iz ova gdby) and one-click defriending on Facebook. It is a wonder that anyone can actually fit a wedding into such a quick turn-around dating schedule. Then again, a wedding does offer an option not available with most other outings namely a 5,000 pic photo opportunity. It’s a pity when couples divorce that they can’t simply photoshop the dub partner out of the wedding pics and insert the new one.

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