Tough Aussies

We Aussies are tough, but not in a wrestling-crocodiles-and-opening-beer-bottles-with-our-teeth kind of way. We are tough because every summer we leave our suburban bunkers and venture into the Great Outdoors.

We might not venture far – no further than, say, the cement block barbie in the backyard. But still we risk our lives as Australia boasts some of the most venomous and/or irritating biting beasties in the world. And many live in our own backyards. As if we Aussies didn’t have enough worries already with our venomous snakes, spiders, fish, octopi and jellyfish, now we can add lizards to the list. Yes! Lizards. This year scientists at the Australian Venom Research Unit discovered many Aussie lizards have snake-like venom. It may not be enough to kill you. But a lizard bite could upset the rhythm of tossing the salad, for sure. So you need some up-dated First Aid advice.

Full Article: Tough Aussies

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