Stop Pinging at Me!

I appear to be failing modern life. My first surreal, Clockwork-Orange-tinged experience began a while back when I entered the kitchen and casually commented “Oh! Something is pinging!’ Having a modern kitchen meant there were a number of contenders.

I checked the fridge, the microwave, the oven timer and the remote phone hand-pieces. They all appeared to be in full working order but the pinging remained. Next I inspected the smoke alarms, the digital alarm clocks and our 4 mobile phones for flat batteries. Mobile phones tend to ‘chirp’ rather than ‘ping’, but desperation was building; I began to twitch. Nothing.  The drier, the washing machine, the computers, the fax, the radio, the CD player all turned up a blank. At this point, I started having conversations with appliances. ‘I know it is one of you. You’re not going to get away with this, you know!!!’

Full Article: Stop Pinging at Me

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