A raucous romp through the absurdities of gun ownership in America

TARGET 91 is a SATIRE on American Gun Culture.

I didn’t just stumble across this theme. American Gun Culture has been the air I breathed ever since I was Annie Oakley with a cap gun as a kid. I sat cross legged on the floor watching TV shows from The Rifleman, Tales of the Texas Rangers, The Lone Ranger, The Cisco Kid …. and more. Many more.

I grew up on a Police Station in rural Australia where my father’s .22 rifle rested against the side of the fridge. He carried the magazine in his pocket. Our own car, an FC Holden – maroon  with a white roof – was the police car. One time, Dad, actually blew the passenger’s window out of the car with that rifle. He was firing a warning shot over the heads of escapees and failed to notice the window was still wound up. 

The ‘What if?’ question of a fiction writer for me was ‘What if anti-gun activists picked up guns?’ The plot of TARGET 91 exploded from that point.

You’ll find TARGET 91 on AMAZON  USA, UK and  AUS.

Also KOBOSMASHWORDS and Barnes&Noble NOOK and Apple iBook.

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