American Gun Culture in the Crosshairs

TARGET 91 is a SATIRE on American Gun Culture.

I didn’t just stumble across this theme. American Gun Culture has been the air I breathed ever since I was Annie Oakley with a cap gun as a kid. I sat cross legged on the floor watching TV shows from The Rifleman, Texas Rangers, The Lone Ranger, The Cisco Kid …. and more. Many more.

I grew up on a Police Station in rural Australia where my father’s .22 rifle rested against the side of the fridge. He carried the magazine in his pocket. Our own car, an FC Holden – maroon  with a white roof – was the police car. One time, Dad, actually blew the passenger’s window out of the car with that rifle. He was firing a warning shot over the heads of escapees and failed to notice the window was still wound up. 

The ‘What if?’ question of a fiction writer for me was ‘What if anti-gun activists picked up guns?’ The plot of TARGET 91 exploded from that point.

You’ll find TARGET 91 on AMAZON  USA, UK and coming to AUS.

Also KOBO, SMASHWORDS and Barnes&Noble NOOK and Apple iBook.



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